The ancient, indigenous Christian communities in the Holy Land are vanishing. Fast.

Together we can protect them and help to rebuild diverse, flourishing communities in the cradle of Christianity.

But today the threat is urgent and existential. With many communities suffering a combination of population decline, intimidation, and challenge for places to live and worship.

The contribution made by Christians in the Holy Land is enormous – $3Bn income from business activity, tourism and philanthropy; running schools, hospitals, humanitarian programmes; and the intellectual contribution of an educated, skilled workforce.

We must fight to preserve them, not only to retain a meaningful Christian presence in the Holy Land, but also to help build a peaceful, diverse region.

The Heads of Churches in the Holy Land are united on these issues, and they share my views when I say the following: The deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, is grossly dismissive of the scale of the diminishing indigenous Christian presence in our City (Sunday Telegraph 24th April 2022). Indigenous Christians make up 1% […]

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